Are We There Yet? Spiritual Growth as a Lifelong Journey

Debra Reble Are We There Yet? Spiritual Growth as a Lifelong JourneyThere are times when we feel that we are spinning our wheels, going backwards, or stuck in terms of our personal/spiritual growth. How can it be that we work so hard on our spiritual development only to uncover deeper pockets pain in our hearts? Why is it, when we think we have finally cleared our “stuff,” we find more subtle layers of patterns revealed to us? This begs the question so many of us want to know: Are we There Yet? and If not, When? However, we must realize that spiritual transformation requires a commitment for the long haul-constant personal evolution over a lifetime.

Our spiritual transformation is not a goal that can be attained, but an ongoing progression. We are often seduced into thinking that once we have experienced a personal breakthrough we no longer need to focus on change. We become complacent and allow our momentary feeling of gratification to become a pink bubble enveloping us in false feelings of security and triumph. This is especially true following a period of major personal growth. Like Glenda, the good witch of the north in The Wizard of Oz, we try to remain inside this bubble of illusion, ignoring the guidance of spirit telling us that we still have a spiritual journey ahead. Yet, remaining inside this pink bubble and resisting change only creates conditions in which old patterns can surface and arrests further personal transformation.

Our personal transformation ebbs and flows with periods of intense forward movement which give way to periods of transitional pauses. In these moments we may feel discouraged; however, we must remind ourselves that we don’t ever really go backward. We may be pausing momentarily because there is a new obstacle in our path, or a new layer of a pattern to clear, or a relationship to complete, but the spiritual work we have done cannot be undone. Every step on our path is meaningful, even the ones that seem to take us backward are a forward step. Sometimes an intense growth spurt requires that we rest for a period of time to fully integrate the new positive energies that have awakened, opened and are becoming available to us.

Nurture a kind, patient, and loving, relationship with yourself and you will set the groundwork for a lifelong journey of spiritual transformation. Trust yourself and your connection to source, listen to the voice of your heart, and make intentions for a more fulfilling life. Let go of the life you have chosen until now so you can cocreate the life you want in your present-future. With conscious awareness, witness how spirit guides you to opportunities and choices that result in a life based less on fear and insecurity, and more on spiritual transformation. Once you have spiritually transformed, you can never go backwards. Remember, you may be resting or revisiting issues that seem old, and may feel stuck, but trust that you have already chosen the next step forward on our path.


  1. says

    Debra, being 20 years into my spiritual journey I wish I had found this post way back then. Early on I believed if I could just get ‘there’ and it took many years to realize that there is no ‘there’-it’s an unfolding. Coming to that realization was a powerful moment for me and actually took a lot of pressure off. Love your statement “Our personal transformation ebbs and flows with periods of intense forward movement which give way to periods of transitional pauses.”

    Thank you for the loving work you do in the world.

    • says

      Linda, thank you for your insightful and honest post. I wrote this article in response to so many people who feel disheartened when there is a standstill or what feels like a backward movement. I too have flt this way and now trust the “unfolding” as you so aptly captured the experience. Absolute trust in myself and my connection to my source is key for me. I am privileged to do the loving work I do and thank you for acknowledging It.

  2. MJ says

    I am having a very difficult time learning to accept my unfolding. My life used to feel that it was going to be an amazing life of service to Spirit and helping others with Spirit. Unfortunately, I got lost and confused and chose to take on someone else’s beliefs about life. I embarked on a spiritual path with a Guru and that changed my energy. I don’t feel like myself anymore. Perhaps in the future I will feel like I’ve found my essence again. I just can’t see how this will evolve me forward. I’m seeing so clearly all the choices I made and how they are effecting me now. It’s a very painful process. Any insights wold be welcomed.

    • Debra Reble says

      Thank you Mike for your comment. Our spiritual path is fraught with twists and turns and we have to tune into our own center, our own heart, and our own being when we feel confused. Confusion for me let’s me know that I’m open to all possibilities so it’s a goo thing. I would suggest you browse through the articles as there are more insights there for you to see if it resonates with you. Blessings

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