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Debra Reble

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Sustaining Lightness in Our Lives

“You don’t stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw

Sustaining lightness in your life is created by the choices you make in every moment. Trust that you are the co-creator of the inner and outer landscape of life so choose your thoughts, words and actions consciously. Be patient, tolerant, and flexible when life gets challenging or things don’t go you way. Keep an open and loving heart and a great sense of humor no matter what is happening at the time.

Being playful opens our hearts and sustains a flow of light energy so we hold steady in the midst of the natural twists and turns of life. Because society often frowns upon “adults” being silly and playful, we often feel inhibited about expressing ourselves freely. When we take life too seriously, we lose our sense of life as a passionate adventure that we can enjoy and share.

Children are our best teachers of playfulness because they endlessly infuse light-force energy into their daily interactions with life. Just observe a child in play and we will see that there are no limits to their full self-expression. It is important for us to keep this childlike spirit every day by creating experiences that infuse awe, wonder and delight into everyday life.

Humor, spontaneity and play naturally liberate the mind, open the heart, and lift the spirit. In this state of being, we feel free to channel our energies to create beyond any limitation. Inspired by these elements, we have a sense of riding the crest of a wave, dancing in the light, and being aligned with our soul’s journey. There is no ego, self-consciousness, or reservation, but rather a natural lightheartedness and a sense that nothing is more important than the present moment. Laughter comes easily, as does the ease and flexibility in playing with all possibilities in life.

So be playful and dance when you hear the music at the grocery store, giggle when you get drenched in the rain, and sing aloud while listening to your MP3 player. Inspire and invite others to humor you or join in as you go barefoot in the grass. Invent or seek out new ways or activities to make you laugh, love, and play with joyful abandon. Infuse your life with humor, spontaneity, and play and experience it from a new perspective of wonder.

Sustaining a positive flow of energy through play is key to manifesting a happy, fulfilling and peaceful life. Make the playful choices that bring you love, joy, and exuberance.Your life will evolve miraculously when you embrace the philosophy of “Let’s see” and “What’s next.”

Tapping the Resiliency of Our Spirit

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” George C. Scott

      Tapping the resiliency of the human spirit makes it possible to not only endure hardship, suffering, or difficulty, but also to use the challenging situation for spiritual growth. It allows us to transcend and transform the most devastating circumstances in our lives. Spiritual resilience is seeing the silver lining in all of life’s challenges no matter how painful they may be. It is the lift of spirit that provides us with the ability to see our lives from a broader, more expanded point of view. This lets us rise above whatever is happening in our lives with clarity and compassionate detachment.

Spiritual resiliency is our natural state of being even if as adults we no longer experience its essence in our everyday lives. As young children, we clearly trusted this ability to transcend as spirit, never doubting our innate power to handle or lift out of any situation. Even if we didn’t understand how spirit lifted us, we knew and felt its truth through our open hearts, regardless of our circumstances. Open and optimistic, we had not yet acquired the adult mindsets and beliefs that would erode an absolute trust that we could rise above any difficult situation.

After checking every box on a list of life’s most stressful events, I realized how resilient the human spirit could be. It wasn’t easy losing my mother early in life to drug use, experiencing physical neglect and sexual abuse, or being in the wake of my stepmother’s mental illness. Why was my experience different from others who had been crippled or left devastated by such events? I realized it was my spiritual resiliency. Like a periscope, I lifted up and out of the human process and recognized my human experiences as stepping stones to my personal transformation. Each one showed me how to trust myself and my connection to a divine source and to know that I would be OK no matter what it looked like at the time.

Spiritual resiliency has always been my closest companion. I remember the day that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Until this point, I usually bounced quickly incorporating the information I had gleaned from such challenges as divorce, single parenting, and trying to locate my long lost mother. As a woman, healer, mother, and partner, the vulnerability of breast cancer had rocked my world more than anything I had ever experienced before. Like the resuscitation paddles that jump starts our heart back to life, this vulnerability jolted my heart bringing me out of the comfy cozy world I had created. It had turned me upside down and inside out; yet, I knew that here was the spiritual journey, the path of transformation being set out in front of me.

      Through tapping the resiliency of spirit, we know that we are the miracle of creation. We trust that we can manifest beyond whatever has been before, override what is predictable or let go of what’s expected. We can create anew. As I realized through this experience, it is not only possible but probable that I could raise my energy level to the vibration of love where miracles occur. First, it took being accountable for my thoughts, emotions, and choices. Making this shift from reaction to responsibility-able to respond, was exhausting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It took focused awareness to capture the negative thoughts, feelings, and patterns that I engaged in every day and then shift them to positive, loving, and healing ones. This initiated an energetic transformation which then catalyzed all the physical resources I need for the healing of my mind and body.
     We are the miracle of creation. We tend to shy away from applying the word miracle toward ourselves. However, this only diminishes the inner power that we can source through us. Recognizing that I was the miracle of creation and had the power within me to create other miracles unleashed the force of light and love on an illness that was trying to set up residence in my body. Leap-frogging any limits or restraints to my healing, such as preconceived thoughts or other people’s belief systems, I sourced this energy through my heart and surrounded every cell in my body with it. Like the light streams in the movie Ghost Busters, I channeled this powerful energy with the intention to dissolve any energy blocks. Standing in my own light, I moved beyond any predetermined cause and effect result and into a new sense of power and creation.