Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Debra Reble Don't Worry, Be Happy“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We can choose to be happy. Happiness is the purest state of our being-wellbeing. Yet, many of us feel that happiness lies outside of our reach, that it’s unattainable or elusive. Contrary to popular belief, happiness is within our grasp and we can create it in our lives. However, sustaining a flow of happiness requires a series of lifelong practices.

Go with the Flow: Have you ever felt suspended in time while doing something you enjoy such as exercising, painting, meditating or playing music? Distractions fall away, background noise disappears and you feel immersed in the moment. Stringing together moment upon moment of these heightened, present-oriented experiences brings feelings of joy, inspiration and happiness.

Keep a Positive Outlook: When we hold a positive outlook on life, we are more likely to manage life’s challenges better, support a healthy immune system and sustain a sense of happiness in our lives. It may also help us live longer and prevent certain disease.

Count Your Blessings: As your day comes to a close, allow yourself to think about three things that happened during the day that you are most happy about or feel blessed, and why you believe they happened.

Engage in Mindfulness Meditation: Set aside quiet time to allow yourself to tune inward. Carve out a few minutes each day to open your heart and be present with yourself. Ten minutes is better than five, and 20 better than 10.

Savor Positive Experiences: Train yourself to become aware of, appreciate, and enhance the positive experiences in your life. Consciously focus on and mindfully attend to, think about, and identify these experiences on a regular basis.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness: The research shows that committing acts of kindness promotes wellbeing. Be kind whenever possible and you will find that you will feel more positive, open and loving. Engage in restorative self-care which are simple, sacred acts of kindness to yourself.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships: Surround yourself and spend more time with people who love, support and care for you without conditions. Create an energetic support team of pure love.

Forgive Often and Quickly: Forgiveness allows us to create a clean slate so we can being anew. The more you forgive yourself, the more you will find it easier to forgive others. It will free you from the past and open the energetic space for you to create a better future.

Choose Happiness

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