Inviting in Blessings for 2012

Debra Reble Inviting in Blessings for 2012Invite in blessings for 2012 and let go of any fear, resentment or grievances. Resolve to complete 2011 with love, forgiveness and gratitude for everything that brought you to this moment.

As we bless and release 2011 and invite in 2012, we continue to experience tremendous shift on a global and individual level. How we perceive and respond to these changes will determine our future as inhabitants of planet earth. So, instead of reacting from fear, anger, and/or resistance, respond to any challenge with an open heart and unequivocal trust  that this energetic shift is creating our personal and global transformation.

The shift that we all have been experiencing from the inside out is one we also observe from the outside in. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, financial, political, social, and environmental structures are dissolving so that any negative energy can surface and be released and new healthier forms can emerge. We can start from the inside out, inviting in blessings, making positive choices and letting our light expand out into the world.

Avoid letting self-doubt and fear immobilize you. Pay attention, love yourself fully and utilize this powerful flow of light energy to clear your life of anything that is no longer appropriate to your being by making clear discerning choices. Give yourself the freedom to follow your heart and allow light energy to move through you without trying to control or force anything to happen. By doing so, you will find this to be a more positive and productive way of operating in your life in 2012.

When you acknowledge lightness as your true state of being, you can let go of fear, open to love and transcend any circumstance no matter how difficult it seems at the time. Directing the flow of energy in this way will create amazing shifts to happen in your life. This aligns with your soul journey and empowers you to be a force of light, wellness and all that is good. Be the light in the world that you came here to be.

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