Riding the Turbulent Waves of Transformation

Debra Reble Riding the Turbulent Waves of TransformationWhat a wild summer it has been as we continue to experience the tremendous shifts on a global and personal level. Whether we view it as mercury retrograde or a full moon, this transformational shift feels like a surfer on his board riding a huge wave. On the global level, we are experiencing computer glitches, weather pattern changes, stock market ups and downs and political turmoil. On a personal basis, many of us are struggling with work, career, finances, health and relationships feeling fatigue, energy drains and deep disappointments.

However, the good news is that this time is one of unprecedented transformation. How we perceive these significant changes will determine our future as inhabitants of planet earth. Instead of reacting from fear, anger, or resistance, we can respond with clear awareness, open hearts and unequivocal trust that what is happening at this time is for our own greater good and all of humanity. The opportunity is here for us to see what doesn’t work in our lives, the futility of trying to fix things, and to take a different approach.

Even though it is like Mr. Toad’s wild ride at Disneyland, we can practice being balanced, grounded and steady in our choices as we clear, clean and let go of unhealthy relationships, energy blocks and anything that no longer serves us, making way for a better life. We can heal ourselves and sustain lightness of being through aligning with our new intentions and breaking our unhealthy patterns. Whether it’s a new career, move or relationship, we are all up for life-altering changes at this time.

Financial, political, social, educational and environmental structures are dissolving so that any negative energy can surface, be released and new healthier more positive forms can emerge. You can align with this shift by allowing things to be as they are for a while without fighting or flailing. Soften your position or opinions, open your heart and trust yourself to create positive intentions and impeccable choices and let your light expand out into the world.

Joining together, our light when directed positively will bring about a greater good, peace and love to all human beings no matter what their circumstances. It is force that has brought about the transformation we are now experiencing in the world. Breathe and let be.



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