“The time is NOW to come home to your heart and live in alignment with your soul’s path. 
The world needs your light!” Dr. Debra Reble

Your Companion Guide For Living A Soul-Hearted Life!


As women, we can all use a daily touchstone to help us stay connected to our heart wisdom, remind us of our truth, and align us with our Divine purpose. Soul-Hearted Living offers all that and more. 

This uplifting 365-day journal from Intuitive and Spiritual Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble—the award-winning, international best-selling author of Being Love and Soul-Hearted Partnership—invites you to pause, reflect, and rejoice. 

You'll get centered and grounded through each day’s lesson before meditating on an uplifting positive affirmation. Along with this daily wisdom from Dr. Debra, you’ll also tap into the feminine wisdom of original inspirational quotes from women in her sacred community, including some of today’s leading luminaries.

Soul-Hearted Living invites you to embrace your courageous heart, tap into the wisdom of your soul, and see the beauty in all aspects of life so you can love yourself and others through it all—one day at a time.

Are You Ready To Open Your Heart To A Soul-Illuminating Life? 

Every daily reflection page includes: 

  • Inspirational quote
  • Daily reflection
  • Affirmation
Dr. Debra Reble

Consciously merging  her  practical tools  as  a  psychologist  with her  intuitive  and spiritual  gifts,  Dr. Debra  L.  Reble  empowers  women to  connect  with  their  hearts and  live  authentically through  her  transformational  Soul-Hearted Living™ teachings,  speaking,  and intimate  retreats.    She is  also  the creator  of  the popular AnxietyRX Program.  

Debra  is  the author  of  the international  best-seller, Being  Love: How  Loving Yourself Creates  Ripples  of Transformation  in  Your Relationships  and  the  World,  as well  as Soul-Hearted  Partnership: The  Ultimate  Experience of  Love,  Passion, and Intimacy, which  garnered  four book  awards  including the  Eric Hoffer award. A  frequent  guest contributor  to  Aspire Magazine  and  other high-profile blogs,  as  well as  a  sought-after speaker  and  guest on  podcasts  and summits,  her  words of  wisdom  are embraced  by  women around  the  world.    

Her  popular  inspirational podcast,  Soul-Hearted  Living, airs  on iTunes  and  other platforms  and  is dedicated  to  reconnecting women  with  their hearts.   She  is also  a  contributing author  to  the international  bestsellers,  Shine: Stories  to  Inspire You  to  Dream Big,  Fear  Less &  Blaze  Your Own  Trail, Inspiration  for a  Women’s  Soul: Choosing  Happiness,  Inspiration  for a  Woman’s  Soul: Cultivating  Joy,    Inspiration for  a  Woman’s Soul:  Opening  to Gratitude  &  Grace, Midlife  Transformation:  Redefining Life, Love, Health and Success  and Courageous Hearts: Soul-Nourishing  Stories  to Inspire  You  to Embrace  Your  Fears and Follow  Your  Dreams all  published  by Inspired  Living  Publishing, LLC.  Debra  has a  thriving  private practice  in  Cleveland Heights,  Ohio,  and also  sees  clients virtually.  She  has two  amazing  children, Tom  and  Alex, and  lives with  her beloved  husband,  Doug, and  yellow  Labrador, Shiloh.  She  loves to  travel,  cook, practice  yoga,  and dance  tango  and salsa  with  her husband.   

Visit  www.DrDebraReble.com to discover  inspiring  content and  supportive resources.

Along with Dr. Debra’s daily reflections and affirmations, you’ll discover original inspirational quotes from some of today’s leading female luminaries, authors, coaches and healers, including:

Tarah Abram, Bestselling Author and Coach

Felicia Baucom, Transformational Coach 

Charlotte Bifulco, Tutor Cleveland Heights, OH

Tonia Browne, Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Coach 

Deb “GypsyOwl” Bryan, Creative Time Today

Carmella Calta, Chagrin Falls, OH

Laura P. Clark, Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Instructor 

Crystal Cockerham, Energy Alchemist 

Lorene Collier, Personal Finance Coach 

Susan Kay Dahl, Creator of Honest Answers 

Michelle Deeb, School Psychologist 

Felicia D’Haiti, Feng Shui and Soul Coach® 

Mal Duane CPC, CRC, Midlife Transformation Coach 

Jessica Dugas, Intuitive Mentor 

Joyce Fennell, Health and Wellness Practitioner 

Dr. Colleen Georges, Positive Psychology Coach 

Elaine Gibson, The Healthy Lifestyle Designer 

Michele Greer, Transformational & Lifestyle Coach 

Kelley Grimes, MSW, Counselor, Author, Speaker 

Kris Groth, Spiritual Mentor & Energy Healer 

Kathleen Gubitosi, MA, Holistic Voice Strategist 

Anna-Charlotte Handler, Transformational Life Coach 

Dr. Catherine Hayes, CPCC, Inspirational Speaker and Bestselling Author 

Jami Hearn, Intuitive Prosperity Coach 

Lisa Hinton, Change Coach 

Cindy Hively, Intuitive Healing Coach 

Ann Marie Hoff, Intuitive Medium, Inspirational Speaker, Animal Communicator, and Artist

Margaret-Maggie Honnold, Registered Nurse, Health Educator, and Author 

Susan Wilking Horan, Attorney, Three-Time Cancer Survivor, and Wellness Advocate 

Amy Johnson, Soul-Hearted Human Being, Bay Village, OH 

Linda Joy, Visibility Catalyst and Bestselling Publisher 

Deborah Kevin, Writer, Editor, and Storyteller 

Genevieve Kohn, Abundance Creation Guide 

Bonnie Larson, Healing Minister 

Michelle Lemoi, Transformational Life and Business Coach 

Michelle Lewis, aka The Blessings Butterfly, and Inspirational Speaker 

JoAnne B. Lussier, Reiki Master Teacher 

Emily Madill, Author and Coach (ACC) 

Heather Maria, Spiritual Advisor 

Marcia Mariner, Sacred Feminine Visionary

Marie Martin, Inner Beauty Cultivator 

Carolyn McGee, Intuition Empowerment Guide - Healing Through The Heart 

Kelly Mishell, Certi ed Law of Attraction Life Coach 

Lizete Morais, Life Transformational and Personal Development Coach 

Robbie Motter, NAFE Global Coordinator/GSFE CEO 

Nettie Owens, Productivity and Accountability Consultant 

Gwendolyn M. Plano, Author

Lore Raymond, Author, Writing, and Creativity Coach 

Ceri Ridenour, Soul Care Ministry 

Isabella Rose, Holistic Health Practitioner 

Debbie Sain-Bissette, Sunset Beach, NC 

Ann Sanfelippo, Wealth Coach 

Yaelle Schwarcz, Soul Artist and Guide 

Pamela Thompson, Transitions Coach 

Katt Tozier, Resilience Expert 

Liliana Vanasco, Women’s Empowerment Mentor 

Cornelia Ward, Divine Career and Business Coach 

And Others...

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