Transforming Loss into Love

Debra Reble Transforming Loss into Love“Earth has one angel less and heaven one more, since yesterday.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Despite the deep pain it elicits, loss teaches us about the delicate balance, intensity, and richness of life. We cannot experience the pain of loss without first having experienced the joys associated with what has been lost. In the movie Shadowlands, poet Joy Gresham, in speaking about her impending death to author C. S. Lewis, expresses, “The greater the love, the deeper the sorrow and the longer it will take to work through it. That’s the deal.” Simply, the heartbreak that wounds us most deeply eventually leads us to greater enlightenment, blessing our lives with a more spiritual depth of life.

As we deal with the untimely death of three Chardon High School students this week, we feel both a great love and a deep sorrow in our hearts. However, that is the “deal” when we consciously enter into any loving relationship with someone here on earth. Through our deep connection with someone, we are reminded that our relationship transcends the physical and energetically resides in the sacred space of soul. We can best love, honor and respect our soulful connection by transforming our grief into love. Moreover, we can channel the energy unleashed by any death by putting their powerful light to positive use. One way is to let that divine energy as love pour out to those we care for, whose friendships we cherish and to the betterment of humanity.

Acknowledging the positive side to loss doesn’t numb its pain for it is the pain itself that opens you to deeper love and spiritual healing. The pain lets you know to take precious care of yourself, to sit with your feelings and release them fully before you just move on. Time may ease the pain of loss, but it is being fully present with your heartache, rather than avoiding it, that is what self-healing is about and our path to personal transformation. Be gentle, kind and open yourself to transforming your emotional release into a positive, creative force for a higher good. You will see that when you emerge on the other side of your pain, you will be stronger and lighter for all you have experienced.

Transforming your loss into love allows you to let go of the past, better appreciate the present, and harness light energy to ride the crest of the tsunami toward a more positive future. It opens you to embrace your natural life cycles, accepting life as a series of births, deaths, and transitions that lead to personal transformation. It asks the question: “How will you live?” Embracing your loss permits you to face and experience the other side of grief, which is the unconditional love and trust of yourself. The surge of light force energy emanating from this pure love and trust empowers you to let go and transcend emotional pain and create a monumental shift in your life.

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