Traveling as an Energetic Ambassador

Debra Reble Traveling as an Energetic AmbassadorWhether we travel abroad or down the street, we can move through life as an energetic ambassador emitting light and love wherever we go and with whomever we meet. We have this opportunity in every moment not only to bless the space but to also “be the blessing”-to be the positive, emanating and clear presence of light.

Traveling even the shortest distances takes us outside of our daily routines, transports us beyond our usual patterns of behavior and inspires new experiences. For example, I had the recent opportunity to be an energetic ambassador to Egypt. From the moment I made the choice to go, I opened to a positive flow of energy that guided me on my journey. First, I had to let go of expectations, agendas and well-laid plans and trust the unfolding of my experience. This led to a series of spontaneous, remarkable experiences such as having the cleric at one of the oldest mosques personally greet and chant for us; being the only ones in the burial chamber of the Great Pyramid when we renewed our vows with the guard joining in and blessing our union and the little girl who locked eyes with me, connecting soulfully from across a crowded street while walking with her mother.

By being open, flexible and trusting the flow of my energies, I experienced more than the great pyramids and temples of Egypt. Moving through airports, hotels and the streets of Egypt, I was consciously aware of channeling light, love and kindness into every interaction and leaving the space better for having been there. Moreover, I blessed the people, animals and environment that I encountered for their higher and greater good.

Traveling as an energetic ambassador, we can make the space we move through better by our loving thoughts, kind words and positive actions. Through this energetic exchange of light energy, we can shift our old patterns of thought and behavior opening to new impressions and inspired information. All it takes is the awareness and willingness to be the blessing-the embodiment of light and love no matter where we are, what we are doing or who we are with.

As much as I have left a positive energetic impression on Egypt, likewise, it has left powerful impressions on me that I am just now beginning to integrate into my life. I am grateful and privledged for the opportunity to have traveled in Egypt at this monumental time in their evolution as a country. Egypt has captured my heart and transported me beyond my life as I have known it.


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      I appreciate your comment on my post and yes this phrase came to me in a meditation after I had been in Egypt. We can leave footprints of light everywhere we go for someone else to experience.

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