Tap into the Wisdom of Your Spiritual Guidance System 

It's Time to Let Go, Clear the Energy Blocks & Create a Sacred Space for Healing

IMAGINE how the quality of your Life, and your happiness would be enhanced if You...

Learned to navigate life by tapping into your Spiritual Guidance System--yes, really!

Began taking inspired action toward your dreams, goals and intentions.

Understood how to co-create your life with intention--instead of on auto-pilot.

Had access to the supportive resources to support you in co-creating your life. 


A Supportive 4- Week Self-paced Digital Program from Intuitive Psychologist and International Bestselling Author Dr. Debra Reble.

Imagine having access to the Same supportive processes, spiritual teachings and expert guidance that Dr. Debra has used with Her private practice clients for over Two Decades. 

Here's what's Included in Your 4-Week Digital Program:

In Week 1, You'll Receive:

The 'Expanding Your Conscious Awareness Video Class

Channeling White Light Meditation (MP3)

#SoulWork assignment.

In Week 2, You'll Receive:

The 'Tapping Into Your Spiritual Guidance System - aka Your Intution' Video Class

Tapping Into Your Intuition Meditation (MP3). 

#SoulWork assignment

In Week 3, You'll Receive:

The 'The Transformative Power of Intention' video class

The Transformative Power of Intention Meditation (MP3)

#SoulWork assignment 

In week 4, You'll Learn:

The 'Inspired Action:  The Key to Living in Alignment with Your Soul's Path video class

Living in Alignment with Your Soul's Path Meditation (MP3)

#Soulwork assignment 

A Recap of THE...

You'll receive everything below to support you in Co-Creating your Life with Intention

  • 4 weekly  Soul-Hearted Living™ Video Lessons from Dr. Debra
  • 4 guided meditations (delivered weekly) 
  • 4 #SoulWork assignments to support each week's teachings
  • Private members only portal for easy, breezy access to all of the program content.
Anxiety RX: Balm for the Soul Program
Client Love:

“I have learned so much over the years from Dr. Debra Reble. Her calm, loving, and positive approach to reducing stress, managing anxiety and becoming more grounded have helped me immensely both personally and professionally.  I appreciate having these “tools in my toolbox” for any instance when I am having a difficult minute, hour, day or week. ~  Amy J.

"Dr. Debra has guided me through many difficult times in dealing with my fear and anxiety. Her optimism, spiritual beliefs and strategies supported me in coping with life's challenges. Through spiritual guidance, Dr. Reble has transformed my life in a more meaningful, positive way in my life's journey.  She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk!" ~  Debbie

Over the years, Dr. Debra has taught me to reframe my feelings of anxiety as a sensitivity.  She has taught me to recognize that this sensitivity has been a gift in my life—in my parenting—in my teaching—in my relationships.  So, although the anxiety feels like a monster when it rears its head, the other side of it is a blessing.  It reminds me of the new Disney movie, Moana.  My anxiety is like TeKa, the demon who is really a goddess named TeFiti underneath.  What feels like a curse might really be a blessing.” ~  Kate 

“I’m grateful for Dr. Reble’s spiritually-based approach to managing anxiety, something I have lived with for many years. As a result of her empathetic work with me and the techniques she shared, I am more balanced and can cope with life’s challenges without my previous levels of anxiety." ~ Lisa

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after purchase?

During the check out process you will be asked to set up your USER NAME and PASSWORD. Please save that information. (It will also be sent via email.)  Once you register, you will have immediate access to the first Module.

When does the program begin?

This is a digital program and you have access immediately after registration.

How Is the Program Delivered?

The content is broken down into 4 modules, upon registration, you have immediate access to all the modules/lessons, however, we suggest taking your time to integrate each lesson and move through them weekly.

To support you in integrating the teachings and staying on track with the content and flow of the program, you'll receive two emails each week as inspirational touch points. Dr. Debra has found that touch points are an important part of integrating new material. 

Still have a question that wasn't answered above?

EMAIL Kim@DebraReble.com and we'll be happy to help.  Our office is open Monday-Thursday 9-3pm ET.  Please allow up to 48-hours for a response.

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