Anxiety RX

Anxiety RX: Balm For The Soul Program

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Anxiety Reboot Meditation(6:00)

Morning Centering Meditation (10:17)

Evening Clearing Meditation (14:00)


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MODULE 1: Viewing Your Anxiety from a Spiritual Perspective

In This 3-Part Module, You’ll Learn:

  • Overview of what anxiety is and how it affects you
  • Why anxiety is a symptom of being disconnected from your heart and spiritual truth.
  • Why learning to see your anxiety as a spiritual gift is an important part of transforming it.
  • The physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms of anxiety and how they may be affecting the quality of your life
  • Why bringing your attention into your heart is a way to ground and come back to the present.
  •  The top 3 anxieties that affect many.

MODULE 2: Why Your Mindset Matters

In This 3-Part Module, You’ll Learn:

  • The words or unconscious scripts that you may be using that could be triggering your anxiety
  • How to discern the difference between fear and love and why it matters 
  • Why awareness is the key to choosing something different and in shifting your anxiety to feelings of inner peace
  • How to rescript your anxiety-inducing thoughts and strategies to do so.

MODULE 3: Tapping into Trust in the Midst of Fear & Anxiety

In This 3-Part Module, You’ll Learn:

  • Learn trusting yourself helps creates a sacred container that empowers your choices and inspires you to take baby steps.
  • Why it’s important to become aware of the constrictive feelings and energies that you may experience when in fear and anxiety so you can shift them.
  • How awareness, choice and courage play important roles in understanding your anxiety.

MODULE 4: How to Maintain Inner Peace When Life Gets Difficult: Retreat. Release. Restore.

In This 4-Part Module, You’ll Learn:

  • Why giving yourself ‘permission to pause’ is the key to maintaining peace.
  • Learn the powerful anxiety-soothing Retreat.Release.Restore. Process to help you ground in the midst of anxiety and chaos.
  • Why taking time to Retreat, Release and Restore can support you in stopping the anxiety cycle.
  • Why it’s crucial that you step detox from the lower vibrational energies you have absorbed in the situation and tips to do so.

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