Are Anxiety & Overwhelm Sabotaging Your Happiness, Success & Peace of Mind?

It's Time to Reclaim Your Inner Peace

IMAGINE how the quality of your life, and your inner peace, would be affected if you were able to...

See your anxiety as your own personal Spiritual Guidance System that’s consistently redirecting your journey.

Discover why learning to trust and move forward, even in times of self-doubt, are the keys to reducing anxiety.

Understand the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of anxiety so you can decipher the signals as they arise... and take action.

Learn to distinguish the ‘voice of your ego’ (fear) from the ‘voice of your heart’ (love).

Rescript your fear-based anxiety producing thoughts, beliefs, and scripts with proven processes and tools.

Understand how ‘your unique spiritual blueprint’ works and why it's important. 

Have the spiritual and emotional tools and processes to help you feel safe and grounded in your body.

A Lovingly Supportive Program from Intuitive & Spiritual Psychologist and International Bestselling Author Dr. Debra Reble.

Imagine have access to the Same supportive processes, spiritual teachings and expert guidance that Dr. Debra has used with Her private practice clients for over 20 years. 


Anxiety RX: Balm for the Soul Program
Anxiety Support Program
Anxiety Support at your Fingertips


Viewing Your Anxiety from 
a Spiritual Perspective

​In this 3-part sacred module, you’ll learn:

Why anxiety is a symptom of being disconnected from your heart and spiritual truth.

Why learning to see your anxiety as a spiritual gift is the key to transforming it.

The physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms of anxiety and how they may be affecting the quality of your life

Why bringing your attention into your heart is a way to ground and come back to the present moment.

Along with the 3 supportive audio mini classes, you’ll receive the “Sacred Chat with Your Anxiety” PDF.

Why Your Mindset Matters

In this 3-part Anxiety-Soothing module, you’ll learn:

The words or unconscious scripts that you may be using that could be triggering your anxiety.

How to discern the difference between the voices of fear and love and why it matters

Why awareness is the key to choosing something different and in shifting your anxiety to feelings of inner peace

How to rescript your anxiety-inducing thoughts and strategies to do so.

Along with the 3 supportive audio mini classes, you’ll receive the “Distinguishing the Voice of Your Heart from the Voice of Fear” PDF.

Tapping into Trust in the Midst of Fear & Anxiety

​In this 3-part sacred module, you’ll learn:

Learn how trusting yourself helps creates a sacred container that empowers your choices and inspires you to take baby steps.

Why it’s important to become aware of the constrictive feelings and energies that you may experience when in fear and anxiety so you can shift them.

How awareness, choice and courage play important roles in understanding your anxiety.

Along with the 3 supportive audio mini classes, you’ll receive the “Leaps of Trust: Remembering Your Power Journaling Process” PDF.

How to Maintain Inner Peace When Life Gets Difficult:
Retreat. Release. Restore.

In this 4-part sacred module, you’ll learn:

Why giving yourself ‘permission to pause’ is the key to maintaining peace.

Learn the powerful anxiety-soothing Retreat.Release.Restore. Process to help you ground in the midst of anxiety and chaos.

Why taking time to Retreat, Release and Restore can support you in stopping the anxiety cycle.

Why it’s crucial that you detox from the lower vibrational energies you have absorbed in a situation and tips to do so.

Along with the 3 supportive audio mini classes, you’ll receive the “Permission to Pause Process and Journaling Prompts” PDF.

Here’s a quick overview of everything you’ll receive to support you in transforming your anxiety into inner peace:

Anxiety RX: Balm for the Soul Program
  • 4 Sacred Modules containing 13 supportive audio mini classes
  • 4 Supportive PDFs
  • Private members only portal for easy,breezy access
  • Empowering bonuses are also included...keep reading

For a Limited Time


(Regular Price $147)

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WAIT.... There’s More!

You’ll also receive this supportive 5-piece BONUS GIFT SET
BONUS 1: 3 Guided Meditation

Anxiety Reboot Meditation (6 min)

Morning Centering Meditation (10:17)

Evening Clearing Meditation (14:00)

BONUS 2: 2 Supportive PDF's

Additional Anxiety-Soothing Resources 

Mindfulness Affirmations to Move You from Fear to Inner Peace

“I have learned so much over the years from Dr. Debra Reble. Her calm, loving, and positive approach to reducing stress, managing anxiety and becoming more grounded have helped me immensely both personally and professionally.  I appreciate having these “tools in my toolbox” for any instance when I am having a difficult minute, hour, day or week. ~  Amy J.

"Dr. Debra has guided me through many difficult times in dealing with my fear and anxiety. Her optimism, spiritual beliefs and strategies supported me in coping with life's challenges. Through spiritual guidance, Dr. Reble has transformed my life in a more meaningful, positive way in my life's journey.  She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk!" ~  Debbie

Over the years, Dr. Debra has taught me to reframe my feelings of anxiety as a sensitivity.  She has taught me to recognize that this sensitivity has been a gift in my life—in my parenting—in my teaching—in my relationships.  So, although the anxiety feels like a monster when it rears its head, the other side of it is a blessing.  It reminds me of the new Disney movie, Moana.  My anxiety is like TeKa, the demon who is really a goddess named TeFiti underneath.  What feels like a curse might really be a blessing.” ~  Kate 

“I’m grateful for Dr. Reble’s spiritually-based approach to managing anxiety, something I have lived with for many years. As a result of her empathetic work with me and the techniques she shared, I am more balanced and can cope with life’s challenges without my previous levels of anxiety." ~ Lisa

For a Limited Time


(Regular Price $147)

Or 3 Easy Payments of $37


What can I expect after purchase?

Once you successfully make your purchase of the program, you will be redirected to a registration page where you will be asked to create your custom login username and password.  Once your registration is completed, watch for an email with the subject line Your AnxietyRX Access Login Details.  Be sure to check your Spam folder. This important email contains the ACCESS LINK and your login credentials to the portal where you will be able to access your program.

When does the program begin?

This is a digital program that you have instant access to. You can access the program and move through at your own pace.

What is your refund policy?

Because the AnxietyRX program is a digital program with members receiving instant access and downloadable privileges immediately we do not offer refunds on this or any digital product.

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