A Soul-Infused Joining of Hearts

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Happy relationships is the stuff not only of dreams but also of real life. In the provocative new model of relationship set forth in Soul-Hearted Partnership, longtime counselor Debra L. Reble, Ph.D., shows how dreams of amazing relationships come true when individuals cultivate first a soul partnership with themselves and then a soul-hearted partnership with a loved one. Unwilling to sacrifice their soul’s expression or look for a partner to complete or guide them, men and women of all ages and circumstances, Dr. Reble reports, are manifesting partnerships that foster their spiritual growth.

Partnership as a vehicle for spiritual development is an idea whose time has come. Soul-Hearted Partnership lays the groundwork by presenting a series of spiritual principles for integrating body, heart, spirit, and soul and intertwining the combined energies with those of a loved one, all the while acknowledging their shared energy source. Strategies are offered to keep the flow of their joined energies expanding until it permeates all aspects of their lives as individuals and a couple.

Soul-Hearted Partnership

As such, this landmark guide takes “soul mate” to a new level. While relationship with a soul mate offers the potential for a deeply felt spiritual connection, soul-hearted partnership channels this energy into everyday experiences on earth.

Readers will benefit not only from the cultivation of extraordinary relationships—with friends as well as a beloved partner—but also from this book’s innovative approaches to jealousy, fear, old grievances, vulnerability, expressing soul potential, and cocreating with spirit while simultaneously deepening intimacy with a loved one. Tips are included on everything from balancing masculine and feminine energies to energetic love-making. Each chapter concludes with practical exercises designed to help spark the fullest expression of energetically charged love, passion, and intimacy.

“In Soul-Hearted Partnership, Debra Reble shows her skill as a thoroughly modern therapist, boldly addressing today’s issues of spiritual fulfillment (or the lack thereof) and the right to aim for it in the context of intimate relationships. If you’ve ever yearned for a deeper connection with your mate, read this book for the step-by-step tools you need to revitalize your current relationship. If you are single, this book will help you aim for something far more fulfilling in the future.”

—Nina Atwood, M.Ed., LPC
Therapist, author of Soul Talk, and host of singlescoach.com.

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