Embracing Radical Trust

Soul-Hearted Living™: Embracing Radical Trust

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Make choices that follow your heart and align with your soul’s path.

Listen to your heart and then use your head. Evaluate the motivation behind your choice by asking yourself: What’s the best use of my time and energy right now? Does this choice feel right to me at this particular time? Does this choice support my intention, well-being, and the well-being of others? If anyone or anything does not feel aligned with your higher self (soul), trust your intuition and know that you can always make another choice.

Make the discerning choices that bring your intentions into reality.

A simple tool for taking inspired action is to keep following the path you are on as long as things are moving smoothly. When things aren’t going smoothly, see this as a divine sign to pause, reevaluate the choice, and choose a different path. When doors open easily, you know you are being guided―but when you keep banging your head against the same closed door, pause and go where the doors open without a struggle. Now think about a time when you took inspired action and the doors opened easily to align with your intention.

Choose to Start New in Every Moment . In every moment, you have the power to choose again. When you go off your healthy diet, stop exercising, or procrastinate starting a new spiritual practice, take a breath and begin again. With each new moment, celebrate your successes. Instead of beating yourself up and giving up, pay attention to the smallest choices you’ve already taken toward creating your intention. Notice the small steps toward change if it’s just the awareness that you need to change.

Journal Prompts: Take out your journal and have a sacred chat with yourself. Allow yourself to be brutally honest and list your top five self-sabotaging behaviors. After you complete this exercise, identify the choices that are opposite of what you have been doing. What healthy behaviors can you replace the choices that undermine your success? For example, if you find yourself wanting cake in the afternoon, can you counter it by having a banana first? Do you routinely spend more than you save? You can change this unhealthy habit by putting five percent of what you earn in a savings account each week.

Next to each soul-supportive behavior make a list of five new action steps, practices, or tasks, and choose one that you can accomplish today. And then do it with great love.

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SHL Program
4 Lessons

Module 1: Developing Radical Trust

Opening your heart in trust is one of the keys to live a Soul-Hearted Life™.  In the upcoming four lessons in this module, we'll be diving into supportive ways and proven processes to help you strengthen your trust muscles and developing radical trust.

Week 1: Trusting Yourself and Your Connection to Divine Source

Opening your heart in trust is one of the keys to living a soul-hearted life. When you trust yourself, you are connected to your heart, the space of your true being and your divine energy source.

Week 2: Coming Home to Your Heart: The Seat of Trust

Week 2: Coming Home to Your Heart: The Seat of Trust

Come home to your heart, the seat of trust, inner wisdom, and spiritual truth with the exercise shared in this lesson. You’ll learn how to tell the difference between the voice in your head (fear) and the voice of your heart (trust).

Week 3: Tapping Into Trust in the Midst of Fear

Week 3: Tapping Into Trust in the Midst of Fear

Tapping into trust is the key to letting go of fear. Learning to trust yourself when you’re in the midst of life’s messiness can be challenging, overwhelming, or even daunting. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to catch your fear-based thoughts and restore emotional balance.

Week 4: Flexing Your Trust Muscles

Week 4: Flexing Your Trust Muscles

You build your trust muscles in the moments when you experience fear, anxiety, or doubt and you make an inspired choice anyway. When we tap into this heart-centered energy consistently and make courageous choices, we build “trust moments.” I like to call these moments when we shift from fear to faith, “leaps of trust.”

SHL Program
4 Lessons

Module 2: Learning to Lean In and Let Go

Trusting yourself and letting go are two of the most important spiritual principles you can practice on your soul-hearted living path. These principles are synergistic: the more you let go, the more you learn to trust yourself; and the more you trust yourself, the more you can let go.

Week 5: Recognizing the Triggers That Cause Energy Blocks

In this lesson, you’ll learn what an energy block is and the physical, emotional or spiritual triggers that let you know you have an energy block.

Week 6: Creating a Sacred Space of Healing

Instead of avoiding or resisting pain, learn to give yourself permission to create a sacred space of healing so you can lean into your vulnerable pain and stay with your feelings until they emerge and fully release.

Week 7: Rescripting Your Negative Beliefs, Thoughts and Stories

In this lesson, you’ll learn strategies to help you shift the thoughts, beliefs, and stories that trigger your reactions and create energy blocks.

Week 8: Blessing & Releasing as a Spiritual Practice for Life

In this lesson, you’ll learn the spiritual practice of blessing and releasing and how it helps you clear your energy field. This sacred process has considerable physical and mental health benefits and promotes well-being because it consistently purges negativity in all forms that prevent you from consciously creating what you deeply desire in your life.

SHL Program
4 Lessons

Module 3: Co-Creating Your Life in Alignment with Your Soul’s Path

In modules 1 and 2, you learned to let go into trust. These spiritual principles are synergistic. The space of co-creation is the space between releasing what no longer serves you and calling in what aligns with your soul. In module 3, you'll learn how to become a co-creator of your life in alignment with your soul’s path by expanding your conscious awareness, tapping into your Spiritual Guidance System/intuition, the transformative power of your intentions, and taking inspired action. 

Week 9: Expanding Your Conscious Awareness

Living a Soul-Hearted Life™ takes expanding your conscious awareness. Awareness is directing your energy and energy is everything. Conscious awareness is your intuitive ability to tune in to information that provides you with an enlightened more spiritual perspective on life. In this lesson, we’ll dive deeper into this topic.

Week 10: Tapping into Your Spiritual Guidance System aka Your Intuition

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to tap into and understand your Spiritual Guidance System/intuition. In the same way a GPS gives you driving directions so you can travel without getting lost, your spiritual guidance system/intuition gives you directions to guide you on your soul’s path.

Week 11: The Transformative Power of Intention

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the transformative power of intention. Like an artist facing a blank canvas, you can use the power of intention to co-create your life. Intention functions like a cosmic magnet, drawing to you the people places, and opportunities that shape your future reality.  The more you trust the transformative power of your intentions, the easier it is to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed.

Week 12: Inspired Action: The Key to Living in Alignment with Your Soul’s Path

You hold the power to co-create your life through inspired action. When you co-create what you want, in alignment with what is best for your soul’s path, others, and the world, this flow of energy becomes a spiritual path that leads to living peacefully, joyfully, and abundantly. In this lesson, we’ll talk about how to take inspired action.


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