A Time of Hope

Debra Reble A Time of Hope“Hope Is a waking dream.” – Aristotle

As we witness the amazing events of the Olympic Games, we see that it is a time of hope. From an amputee’s dream of running in the Olympics, to the courage of a sixteen-year old gymnast, each athlete inspires us with hope-hope for our world, for our country and for our own dreams. Hope makes it possible to not only endure any hardship, but to make the best of any challenging situation.

Tapping into this resiliency of the human spirit allows us to transcend and transform even the most devastating circumstances in our lives. Hope gives us the spiritual resilience we need to heal the wounds of our heart that our perpetual disappointment has created. It is the lift of our spirit that provides us with the ability to see our lives from a broader, more expanded spiritual perspective.

The resiliency of spirit is our natural state of being even if as adults we have difficulty experiencing it in our everyday lives. It is the foundation for our happiness, peace and well-being. As young children, we never gave up hope since we clearly trusted our ability to handle or move beyond any situation. We knew the lift of spirit and felt it through our open hearts. Open and optimistic, we viewed our lives through the eyes of our hearts with love and hope.

You can still view your life through the eyes of your heart with love and hope. All it takes is a loving, trusting relationship with yourself to awaken to this new perspective. Plant a seed of hope to spring open and flourish in your heart. The more you tune in to the guidance of your own spirit, the more it leads you to a richer, more expansive way to live-even when it suggests a more challenging path. Create what brings you peace in the midst of turmoil. Respond with hope rather than react with fear to events, giving you even a greater peace of mind. Trust that you are prepared for whatever comes your way and let spirit lift you out of your earthy woes and into trust that all is well. Remember that keeping your dreams alive keeps hope alive in your heart.

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