Creating a Flow of Abundance

Creating a flow of abundance in our lives requires a harmonious balance of giving and receiving without expectations or conditions. When we practice the mutual exchange of giving and receiving, we become the energetic conduit for directing this flow of energy. This mutual exchange of light energy is governed by the spiritual law of circulation. We sustain loving, positive energy in circulation by what we think, feel, say and do. And, when we transmit energy in this way from our heart, we affect everyone and everything in the universe.

Many of us think that we can create a flow of abundance by forcing something to happen or giving with an expectation that we should receive something in return. Yet, we often feel disappointed when our will or conditional generosity doesn’t produce the expected results. Although our intentions may be good, we can unintentionally block the natural flow of our energies by focusing on the outcome instead of trusting that we are creating exactly what we need at this particular time.

When we let go of the mindset that we deserve to receive gifts based on giving gifts, abundance can flow freely in and out of our lives. Sustaining this flow of abundance does not depend on some credit and debit spreadsheet. When we give and receive beyond any expectation or condition, the harmonious balance of our energies is naturally restored. Moreover, we experience the flow of abundance when we give for the sake of giving, share for the sake of sharing, and love for the sake of loving with no strings attached.

You may find it difficult divesting yourself of your expectations and may need to look within to find the root of your inability to give and receive unconditionally. Check in with yourself when you give or receive a gift and ask yourself if there is something you unconsciously hope to receive in return or are you having difficulty receiving love in the form of compliments, gifts or kindness. When you give a gift, pay a bill or offer to assist someone, do so without any condition blessing yourself and the other person.

To give more generously, we have to receive more graciously. This mutual exchange of loving energy creates a flow of abundance in our lives. For us to love more, we have to allow more love in. For us to have more abundance, we have to let go of our need to be in control and trust that while like inevitably attracts like, it does so on its own divine timetable. The important aspect of this mutual exchange is sustaining the flow of positive energy, not the form it takes. Opening our hearts creates a flow of abundance that stands alone, separate from any and all conditions. It is an energetic gift in and of itself which brings us blessings a million times over.


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