Finding Peace in Turmoil

Debra Reble Finding Peace in TurmoilLife presents us with the opportunity to find peace in turmoil every day. In such moments, we can feel anxious, unprepared, and even a sense of futility when faced with an unexpected situation. We may be struggling with work, financial, health or relationship issues, feeling fatigue, energy drains and disappointment. This is when we have to first recognize the opportunity in front of us to let go of our expectations and “go with the flow.” By trusting ourselves and our inner power, we can remain open to this positive flow of energy and move through any challenge with grace, ease and responsiveness.

First, it’s important that we accept any situation no matter how uncomfortable, difficult or painful as an opportunity for personal transformation. Like a surfer riding a huge wave, it takes awareness, balance, and flexibility to keep from falling off his board and being caught in the undertow. Instead of reacting from fear, anger, or resistance, we can respond with conscious awareness, open hearts and unequivocal trust that what is happening at this time and in our lives is for our own greater good. The opportunity is here for us to see what doesn’t work in our lives, the futility of trying to fix things, and to take a different approach.

Even though life may feel like Mr. Toad’s wild ride at Disney World right now, practice staying grounded and steady in your choices as you clear, clean and let go of unhealthy relationships, negative energy blocks and anything that no longer serves you, making way for a better life. Heal your life and sustain lightness of being through aligning with your new intentions and break any unhealthy patterns. Whether it’s a new career, move or relationship, you are creating life-altering changes at this time.

Now, take a deep breath and release any fear of your life not going as you planned. Trust yourself and your source for co-creating any life experience unfolding right in front of you. Just as a plane is guided into the air, you, as a co-pilot with source, are guiding your intentions into reality. With absolute trust that one moment will unfold perfectly into the next, let go of any expectation, specific outcome or preconceived plan. Remember, play, humor and flexibility open up the positive flow of energy that leads you through any challenge and create an outcome beyond what you ever thought possible.

Dissolve past patterns, beliefs and mindsets so that any negative energy can surface, be released and new healthier more positive forms can emerge. You can align with this shift by allowing things to be as they are for a while without fighting, fleeing or flailing. Soften your position or opinions, open your heart and absolutely trust yourself to create positive intentions, make impeccable choices and let your light expand out into the world.  And, remember to breathe and let it all be.

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